Jolt from the Odum Dolt.

You know what really sucks. You.

But other than that, John Odum too.

He’s the fucking drone-lib who will not go away.

Just when I thought he’d found his ultimate calling — collecting dog license fees – his bat-shit paranoid ass shows up again. Even liberals get bored, I guess. But they like to think that it shows that they care.

My snarky slumber meter read: Full on.

And then the dolt that clerks for the capital city was brought to my attention – fuck you Ntodd – by someone who was just named.

Oh such nonsense. Such puffery. Such pomp and jibberish. Such shallow righteous screeching. Such faux-pained indignity. Ouch, ouch ouch, it hurts when you raise your voice.

Odum needs to get back to screwing up elections – the lines! – and making sure that Chris Graff gets his dog tags. Because he’s terrible with this character make-believe thing – Rawley, my ass.

Here’s to Ntodd (with a big snarky smirk).